And Then I Was Moved to Tears

Welcome back readers! I’m picking up where I left off earlier today, after lunch, a nap, and a hot chocolate at Mike’s Ice Cream on Broadway. You can read about my morning here. Once I was rested up and all caught up on my blogging, I decided to wander around Broadway for awhile and check out some of the shops. I didn’t buy anything, just soaked up the ambiance of the area.

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A Solo Trip

Dear friends, family, and other people who read this blog (aka no one else),

I’ve finally done it. I’ve embarked on a solo trip. I mean, I’ve travelled to Hawaii alone before, but I had family waiting on the other end. I’ve gone to Whitehorse alone, but there I’m surrounded byΒ people I know. This time I am somewhere that I don’t know anyone, alone.

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