The Perfect Nashville Ending

I woke up by 8 AM for my final day in Nashville. Why is it that I wake up at the crack of 8 AM after being up until 2 AM the night before in Nashville, but sleeping 11 PM to 8 AM in Edmonton is nowhere near enough?

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“How Do You Do It?”: A Nashville Story

“How do you do it?!?” my hostel roommates asked me yesterday morning.

After getting home from the Bluebird the night before around midnight, I had grabbed my laptop and gone back down to the common area to catch up on some blogging. My roommates were already sleeping. I was in bed after 1 AM and downstairs blogging the next morning again before they were awake. When they finally woke up, we had a few minutes to chat during which they expressed how aghast they were at how I’ve been out and about all the time. It’s actually been pretty funny – I leave in the morning before they’re awake, come home in the afternoon and stumble into the room while they are napping, then crawl into bed long after they are already asleep for the night. I noticed. They noticed. We all think it’s funny. Unfortunately they left today so I’ve got new roommates now, but I’m leaving tomorrow anyhow so I’m not too worried about it.

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And Then I Was Moved to Tears

Welcome back readers! I’m picking up where I left off earlier today, after lunch, a nap, and a hot chocolate at Mike’s Ice Cream on Broadway. You can read about my morning here. Once I was rested up and all caught up on my blogging, I decided to wander around Broadway for awhile and check out some of the shops. I didn’t buy anything, just soaked up the ambiance of the area.

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