Living in a Theme Park Day 8: An Epic Goofy Fail

In February 2015, two friends and I embarked on a trip to Disneyworld. We were so busy living in theme parks while there that we didn’t have the time (or energy) to blog, but we did take some great notes. We all want to have a record of our adventures so we are blogging it now, exactly a year later. Today I am writing about day 8 of our theme park adventures in Florida! I previously wrote about our second day and our fifth day,  and you can check the rest out over on Justine and Kris’s travel blog. Don’t worry, there are links to everything at the bottom of this post!

The morning began with an epic fail. I had read somewhere before the trip that our official Disney hotel offered character phone calls on birthdays, so I had been scheming for days to get Justine a special call on the morning of her birthday. I snuck away at some point (which is more difficult than you would think, since the three of us were basically attached at the hip throughout the entire trip) to go to the front desk and request this call. “No problem,” the lady said. “What time would you like your call? What is the name of the birthday girl?”.

I had it all scheduled for 8:30 AM. Kris was in on the plot and we had to disrupt our regular morning getting ready schedule accordingly. Our alarms were set for around 8:15 or so. We laid in bed for a bit after they went off, but I started getting ready and jumped into the bathroom before Justine could. Kris took over the common mirror area so that Justine was stuck being closest to the phone. I wasn’t planning on showering so I put the toilet lid down, sat down, and decided to wait out the call. I stayed in the bathroom for as long as I thought I feasibly could (what could I possibly be DOING in there?), and emerged after 8:30 AM when the phone had remained silent.

Kris and I exchanged frantic questioning glances, and I went back to my suitcase to pretend I was continuing to get ready while I formulated a plan. Justine hopped up and went to shower, so that gave me my opening. I called the front desk and found out that for some reason, our call had not been scheduled. Oh no! But never fear, they could still schedule it 9:15, after I knew Justine would be out of the shower.

Once she emerged, Kris hopped right in to the bathroom, and I sat down by my suitcase on the outside of the bed, planning to be like “can you get that?” when the phone rang. I took my clothes out of my suitcase, then put them back in. Then I took them back out, dug around a bit, then put them back in. Kris had forgotten to bring her phone into the bathroom with her so she just sat in bored silence. It seemed like hours passed while we waited for that ring.

Finally, at about 9:25, Kris had emerged from the bathroom with a questioning look, and we finally decided to come clean.

Justine, we’ve been trying so hard all morning to scheme and get you a special birthday call… but it just doesn’t seem like it’s happening!!

Literally seconds after those words came out of my mouth, the phone rang. Kris and I looked at Justine, then at the phone. She walked over and picked it up. Here I was going to try to write the character message out, but I quickly googled it and found this handy recording, so decided to share that instead. Long story short, it was Goofy!

So despite our best efforts, Justine’s birthday phone call was an epic Goofy fail. That being said, it all worked out in the end and she did receive a special birthday greeting to start the day, plus we now have this ridiculous story.

By the time all of this had transpired, we were basically ready to get moving. We were dressed as Disney Villains – Kris as Captain Hook, Justine as Jafar, and me as Cruella. Justine didn’t even pretend that she was going to be brave and straight up wore tights under her dress instead of nylons… we were all still recovering from the day before, the post for which was fittingly titled Frozen at Hollywood Studios! …Literally…. But luckily, this day had nowhere near the frigid temperatures of the day before.

Living in a Theme Park Day 8: An Epic Goofy Fail - Villains day!

If you want to see more details about our outfits, check out We’re Disney Bound in Disneybound: Villains Edition.

We grabbed our usual coffee and pastry on the way out, and hopped on a shuttle bus to Animal Kingdom. You may remember that I wrote about this park previously for Day 2 of our trip, and we enjoyed it far more than we thought we would. Because of this, we decided to return for another half day later on in our trip, and this was the day!

Upon arrival we first stopped in to the park office to pick up special Disney Park buttons – Justine got a first visit and a birthday button, and I got a first visit button. Sadly Kris did not qualify for any buttons as she had actually been to Disney World as a child…twice. Justine and I immediately put our buttons on and wore them throughout the day.

From the moment we stepped outside with these buttons on, Justine started to receive what ended up being possibly the most wishes for a “Happy Birthday” that she (or any of us) has ever received. Every single park employee we walked by smiled, waved, and wished her a happy birthday by name. Do you think this is a required part of being a Disney employee? Would people get fired if their “Happy Birthday” is not cheery enough? These are questions we will never know the answers to.

Our next stop was DINOSAUR. Yes, even though this ride was the most terrifying we visited on this trip (aside from the Harry Potter ride with the giant spiders, but I think that one just applies to me), it had become one of our favourites. Part of the reason we wanted to visit this park again was to ride both DINOSAUR and Expedition Everest one last time.

So we rode DINOSAUR, and surprise! We were still terrified of the dinosaurs.

Living in a Theme Park Day 8: An Epic Goofy Fail. Riding DINOSAUR again!
Spoiler alert: We also rode it again later that day and were just as scared

I don’t know if this ride will ever lose its fear factor for me. Those fear pathways we created on Day 2 are just too intense.

Next we tried to hop on the Primeval Whirl again as it had been surprisingly fun the last time we rode it, but it turned out the wait was way too long for a ride like that. We headed on over to the Asia section of the park and tried to get in line for Expedition Everest, but it was closed for some reason, so instead we decided to see the Finding Nemo show.

While seated in the theatre awaiting the beginning of this show, Justine named the gold snake she was wearing on her arm (because Jafar). I submitted the name “Meredith” for consideration, but Kris quickly jumped in saying that she’s a snake and obviously her name needs to be more badass than that. Thus the name “Meredith Havoc” was decided… a name which the snake retains to this day.

By the time we had come to that conclusion, the show was about to start. And it was absolutely adorable. The songs were all extremely catchy and Marlin was awesome. The whole set and scenery was absolutely beautiful and made you feel as if you really could be underwater. This show was one that we mostly saw out of convenience, but it was so gorgeous and entertaining that I’m glad we didn’t miss it.

Living in a Theme Park Day 8: An Epic Goofy Fail - Finding Nemo Show

When we emerged from the show, we found that the wait time for Primeval Whirl was still too long (apparently it’s super popular… though not as popular as the Peter Pan ride… that one is CRAZY), so we decided to hop on DINOSAUR again. Unsurprisingly, we were still terrified.

At this point it was time to stop for lunch. After weighing our options (and remembering the fact that we had possibly our worst meal experience of the trip at Yak & Yeti due to sitting next to a fountain and a bird pooping on me… though I’m not sure either of those things were Disney’s fault), we decided to grab lunch in Dinoland USA, at a place called Restaurantosaurus. I had a mac & cheese hot dog, while Kris and Justine both chowed down on yummy burgers.

Living in a Theme Park Day 8: An Epic Goofy Fail - lunch at Animal Kingdom

After we finished eating, we checked our handy Disney World App and saw that Expedition Everest was open again, so we headed over there to ride probably our favourite Disney roller coaster one last time. The ride was excellent as always, and for the first time, Justine, who tends to close her eyes on most any scary part of a roller coaster, had her eyes open during the part that the Yeti appeared.

Guys… I had no idea there was a Yeti on this ride until now! – Justine

Living in a Theme Park Day 8: An Epic Goofy Fail - Expedition Everest

After we disembarked, we decided we had done everything we wanted at Animal Kingdom and headed out of the park amidst calls of “Happy Birthday Justine!” from all directions. We reached the park exit and hopped on a shuttle to Hollywood Studios, which we had visited the day before.

The first thing we did was a mini photo shoot in front of the Villains in Vogue shop, because obviously – we were literally villains in vogue.

Living in a Theme Park Day 8: An Epic Goofy Fail - Villains in Vogue

We spent some time wandering around the shops, taking funny pictures and looking at the merchandise. I found a mini Cruella, and Justine found a very inconveniently placed picture of Jafar to take a photo with. It was fun to shop around even though we didn’t really purchase much.


Next we went over to possibly our favourite ride of all of the parks we had visited… the Hollywood Tower of Terror. We were all game for going on this ride a couple times in a row, so we did. And we totally had the most fun both times, because we just tend to have the most fun of anyone in any room we are in when on vacation.

Living in a Theme Park Day 8: An Epic Goofy Fail - Hollywood Tower of Terror

When we had finished our binge of the Tower of Terror, we hopped on Toy Story Midway Mania! which was utterly adorable, full of giant toys all piled together to make an adorable jumble.

Living in a Theme Park Day 8: An Epic Goofy Fail - Toy Story Midway Mania

By the time we were finished there, it was time for dinner. We hunkered down at the ABC Commissary to get some food. When we were finished there, we went to get to purchase our usual Starbucks coffee mug souvenirs. Each Disney park has its very own mug, and we like to collect these from all the cities we visit. How could we resist Hollywood Studios mugs?

We wandered around Hollywood Studios at night, which made it feel like a totally different place.

Living in a Theme Park Day 8: An Epic Goofy Fail - Hollywood Studios at Night

We also purchased hot chocolate and went to find seats for Fantasmic! which is an evening show that takes place on the water. It’s full of fireworks, water effects, and lots of characters. It’s basically an adventure into Mickey’s imagination as the Sorceror’s Apprentice, but things take a turn for the worse when classic Disney villains start to rise up and take over his dreams.

Living in a Theme Park Day 8: An Epic Goofy Fail - Fantasmic

The show was thrilling and beautiful, but we were pretty cold. I mean, not as cold as the day before (when we were literally frozen), but cold. And it didn’t help that the spray from the water was misting at us the whole time. But luckily we were kept warm by our love for all of the Disney princes that were involved in this show! Because obviously, doing shows is the only time you see them – otherwise they are kept in their cages. I mean, Jasmine was on the steamboat at the end of this show without Aladdin, and it’s his movie! #FreeThePrinces (obviously this is a rant we go on often).

After this show, we flooded out with the masses and it was time to call it a night. We headed back to the hotel and crawled into bed, needing a good night’s sleep before our final Disney day.

This is the last post I’ll be writing for this series, but don’t forget to head on over to Wonder & Wanderlust to see how our final day went. There are links to everything at the bottom of this page!

This vacation was a magical adventure with two of my very best friends, and I honestly don’t think it could have been more fun. Living in a theme park was hard work, but it was all worth it for the amazing memories we made. I’m just so happy we finally got around to putting everything about this trip down in words.

Love KG… and Kris & Justine!

Original adventure took place on February 20, 2015

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