A Solo Trip

Dear friends, family, and other people who read this blog (aka no one else),

I’ve finally done it. I’ve embarked on a solo trip. I mean, I’ve travelled to Hawaii alone before, but I had family waiting on the other end. I’ve gone to Whitehorse alone, but there I’m surrounded by people I know. This time I am somewhere that I don’t know anyone, alone.

Ok, so I am actually meeting up with Kris and Justine in Orlando on Thursday, but until then, I am visiting Nashville all by myself. I left Edmonton early this morning and flew all the way here, hopped an airport shuttle, checked in at the hostel, met my roommates, went for groceries, made dinner, and now am sitting down with a beer to blog. I guess it helps that I have been to this city before, and stayed at this hostel, but I’m still pretty proud of myself.

I’ve made a few plans while I am here, but for the most part I am just going to go with the flow. Already I’ve had an almost run-in with a celebrity – apparently Steven Tyler was at the airport when I arrived. I didn’t actually see him. I just saw a crowd of people and heard whispers. Still pretty cool though – I was this close to a celebrity encounter. I’d like to run into someone famous this trip. Last time, Kris and I found two of the members of Parmalee on a street corner after seeing them play the Opry at the Ryman. These are just the kinds of things that happen in Nashville.

The last time I was here, I left wanting to move here. I’m interested to see if I leave with the same feeling this time around, or if it was just sort of a honeymoon phase I was feeling with this city. Regardless, I’m sure this will be an amazing experience for me.

So basically, this is just a quick note to let you know that I am yet again picking up this blog to document my travel adventures. Expect to hear from me in the next few days, and expect to hear all about the adventures that Kris, Justine, and I have in Disneyworld after that.

Love KG


4 thoughts on “A Solo Trip

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