The Yukon Life

I returned from the Yukon several days ago and have been busy trying to get back into the swing of real life.

My trip to Whitehorse definitely reinforced how much I miss living in the Yukon. The hard thing about short trips like mine is that you are only really reminded of the good things about living somewhere, not the things you didn’t like. I have to remind myself of the isolation, the expense, the difficulty of travelling anywhere else, the lack of concerts and events, the lack of young people, or the long winters. It is the things I remember and am reminded of during my visit that are the hardest to say goodbye to: the most beautiful summer days, the feeling of community, the accessibility to the outdoors, and the way that everyone in town shows up to any sort of notable event. I remember the peace and quiet and the many good friends I have left behind. I remember my golf course – the first one I ever experienced and loved. I remember the Yukon River and the endless summer daylight. It really is hard to leave it all behind every time. My trip to Whitehorse was over far too soon. I did many things during my visit, though I was sad to get sick in the middle and not feel up to much for a couple days. Regardless, I  caught up with old friends, played a few ball games, golfed, shopped on Main Street, hung out at coffee shops, watched a few of the games at the World Junior Men’s Fastpitch Championships, enjoyed the late daylight, been to Miles Canyon, spent time with family, and just enjoyed being outside. To sum up my trip, I’d like to just share a few photos I’ve taken during my time here. I certainly haven’t taken enough, but I love the ones I have. 20140715-114344-42224700.jpg The night sky at 2 AM. The sun dips down, then starts to come right back up. Golfing Golfing my old course – Mountain View Golf Club. Miles Canyon Miles Canyon. Right near town and SO beautiful. Ball park Watching the World Junior Men’s Fastpitch at the ball park I grew up at. Downtown Walk Walking around downtown by the Yukon River. Goodbye again, Whitehorse – I can’t wait to return sometime soon! Love KG


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