For Next Time, Nashville!

Sadly, loyal readers, our adventure in Nashville is over. Ok, I’ll be honest with you… it was over quite awhile ago, and I have just had trouble finishing off the last couple posts since coming home. Regardless, you can read about our final day in KP’s post “TV’s Next Big Stars!”.

Over my last few days in Nashville, I came to a conclusion: I really really really want to live there. Does anyone have any connections in Nashville that can get me a job? No? Well, it was worth a try. Something about that city just made me feel like I should stay there, at least for awhile. The people were friendly, and I just loved the general feel of the city. There was live music everywhere, and I could not get enough of the food.

My favourite things from this trip (aka things I would definitely repeat next time I’m in town), in no particular order:

1. Going to the Grand Ole Opry.

2. Hanging out at Tootsie’s. Twice! Broadway in general is awesome, but Tootsie’s is just the place to be in my books.

3. The Pancake Pantry. I dream of those pancakes….

And my list of things I didn’t get to do that definitely need to be on my list for next time.

1. Go to a show at the Bluebird Cafe.

2. Visit the Parthenon and actually go inside.

3. Visit the Nashville Farmer’s Market.

4. Try to see a few new bars on every visit (though I know I’ll always want to return to the old favourites).

5. Visit Belmont Mansion.

6. Visit the Belle Meade Plantation.

7. Stalk down Spencer Mulder and Anthony Orio and go to their shows, if they are in town.

8. Hang out at Robert’s Western World and hope for a Charles Esten sighting.

9. Walk over the pedestrian bridge and back.

10. Visit the Johnny Cash museum.

11. Visit the Jack Daniels distillery.

12. Go to Opry Mills.

13. See a One Direction concert at LP Field in August… oh wait, did I say that out loud?

14. Spend more time exploring the awesome, trendy, hipster neighbourhoods of Nashville – both those we saw this time and those we didn’t.

There you have it, folks. My “next time” list. Now excuse me while I go concoct a plan that will have me living in Nashville within 5 years…

Love KG

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