“The Hot List”

After Thursday night’s (relatively tame) shenanigans, I was glad to be able to sleep in a little bit later on Friday than the previous couple days. I had a ticket to a session called Michael Cerbelli’s The Hot List beginning at 9:30. I didn’t really know what to expect, but from what I had gathered it was a decently big deal. I had no idea what I was in for.

I rolled in only a few minutes early, crappy hotel room coffee in hand. The room was a large banquet hall with probably 1500 seats set up in front of a massive stage. There were large screens on either side of the stage that were running a “pre-show” video. It wasn’t too long before the crowd settled in and the show began. Basically “The Hot List” was a collection of items, entertainers, and concepts that Michael Cerbelli thinks the event world should know about. I can’t quite figure out how to write about all of this, so I guess I will just pull out my favourite things from the show.

The first segment was something that was created and produced to target our event specifically. I can’t really explain what it is, but I can link to a video of what was performed for us live on stage. I really think this is worth a watch, especially if you are involved in planning events of any kind. Here it is, the performance by the talented Steve Connell. This was one of my favourite parts of the show.

In the following couple hours, Cerbelli acted as host to a variety of acts, from an Australian operatic man band, to extreme Pogo-ers, to glow dancers, to the world champion of magic, to moving mechanical contraptions, and much more. Cerbelli also shared with us a variety of unique products that could help to make any event a success. This entire show was fascinating, informative, and fun.

After this show, I attended my last session of the entire conference. “5 Things Every Event Professional Needs to Know About Leadership” with Nan S. Russell was a session full of very useful information. Nan herself was very knowledgeable about the topic and encouraged discussion and questions throughout the hour and a half. Leadership is a valuable skill and quality to have in almost any workplace, and especially in events, given the importance of people and communication skills to this industry. This session was a great way to end off my time at The Special Event 2014, but I am sad that it is over.

As soon as I was done, I met with KP by the fire in the Magnolia lobby of the hotel, and we took the shuttle downtown to check into our hostel for the weekend. This was the start of many new adventures! I was finally able to actually be a tourist in Nashville. To read about the rest of the day on Friday, check out KP’s post here.

My learnings and favourite things from today:

1. The opposite of trust is control.
2. Great managers don’t manage people – they manage process.
3. “Get them looking where the trick ain’t. That’s the trick.” – Steve Connell

Love KG


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