Better than that time we walked through Tenderloin

I can scarcely believe KP and I have been staying in our hostel in downtown Nashville for only one night. Yesterday was just one long and exciting day, and you can read up on everything after the end of my conference in KP’s post “Fangirling – Nashville Edition”. We certainly had a bit of a long and rowdy night, so slept in today. For us, this just means we were both awake and moving no later than 10 AM. We had big plans for the day! And lots of walking to do!

Now, for some of you the title of this post may be a little confusing. But for those of you that remember our time in San Francisco, you may know that we have a tendency to walk everywhere. One of those times, we accidentally walked though the Tenderloin area in San Fran – not exactly family friendly. Walking around in Nashville was nothing like that. Despite the fact that we forgot to ask someone to highlight and circle any areas we should not walk through on our map, we did not have any issues.

First thing in the morning, we stopped at the hostel front desk on our way out to print all the various tickets to the various things we had hastily planned for the rest of our trip. These included tickets for the Grand Ole Opry at the Ryman Auditorium tonight, so we wanted to make sure we had everything ready ahead of time. It took about half an hour, but the guy working at the front desk finally figured out how to print what we needed. We then hit the road and headed to Starbucks for our morning coffee (or in KP’s case, chai latte). Next we hopped on a free bus that was to take us to the Gulch, an up and coming trendy neighbourhood in Nashville.

I’d just like to take a minute here to discuss these free buses. Literally no one has mentioned these buses to us other than the shuttle driver from Opryland to downtown the other day, who just happened to mention it in passing (THANK YOU SIR). If I worked at a hostel, literally the first thing I would do would be to tell my new arrivals all about this awesome free bus system to help you get around Nashville! Here’s a map of where you can go:

It really is free! I just wanted to make sure any future Nashville tourists that stumble across this post know all about the Music City Circuit.

We got off the bus at the edge of the Gulch, and wandered around the area. It wasn’t long before we stumbled upon Blush and spent approximately an hour and $400 on clothes and boots there. Fine… I’ll admit, I went a little crazy. But I still think it was a score. It was actually a little hilarious since this store was totally geared towards both KP’s style and my own – quite the feat considering we tend to go different directions. My style icons include Taylor Swift and Scarlett O’Connor, while KP’s main inspiration is Harry Styles. One day you’ll see us recreate this photo of Taylor and Harry together:

We also had the greatest interactions with the two girls that worked there. One of them was Nashville born and raised, and the other was actually originally from Canada! We ended up standing around for a few minutes even after we had paid and just chatting and joking around. Shopping at this store was just such a wonderfully positive experience for us!

Next, we headed on to Music Row. This is an area just away from downtown Nashville that is famous for a very high concentration of music industry related businesses, from labels to talent agencies to entertainment lawyers. It actually was much closer to the Gulch than KP and I had thought, and before long we were wandering the quiet streets of Music Row.

Most of the businesses in this area are crammed into little houses, though there are a few exceptions that exist in sprawling compounds. Many houses were available for sale and lease, and KP and I spent much of the walk discussing which of the houses we would like to have, and what we would do with it. We decided a small record label couldn’t possibly be that difficult to start up. I mean, we’d only need to do well enough at it so that Simon Cowell would want to buy it from us eventually, then we’d wash our hands of the whole thing. Not too crazy, right?

When we reached the end of one side of Music Row, we continued along to Hillsboro Village. We had heard this was a trendy area of the city, and who doesn’t love to follow a good trend? When KP and I found the Hillsboro area, I looked around and said “We have found our people!”. There were fun and fashionable-looking stores, intriguing restaurants, and many young people wandering around.

We made a beeline for lunch at the Pancake Pantry, which KP had read about. It was supposed to be absolutely amazing (and it was). She had also read that it was almost famous for its long lines, so we were pretty excited about the fact that there were only two groups ahead of us when we arrived. Before long, we were seated and poring over their huge menu, consisting mostly of pancakes and waffles. I ended up getting the Georgia Peach Pancakes, and KP got the Sweet Potato Pancakes. We ordered a plate of hashbrowns to share. I think this was one of the best meals I have had this trip. It was cheap, delicious…. and not overly healthy. Regardless, I would return to this place any chance I get.


After lunch, we wandered around a few stores in Hillsboro, and decided it was about time to head back up the other side of Music Row and catch the bus back to the hostel. We had tickets to the Grand Ole Opry tonight and wanted to make sure we had a bit of downtime before we needed to go! We made it back and spent a couple hours catching up on blogging and getting ready for the big night. KP covered the rest of the day in her blog post, The 4593rd Grand Ole Opry.

Love KG


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