Nashville, Here I Come!

Guess what everyone? I am in Nashville! It was a bit of a rocky road to get here, but I made it in time for my conference – The Special Event. You can read about day one of my adventures here, on my roommate and travel partner KP’s blog. As far as day two is concerned, she outlined the start of my day in her next post, here, and I will pick up from where we go our separate ways:

I could hardly believe it. I was on a plane. After delays and frustration and a long night spent sleeping on the floor of the Denver airport, I was on a plane. I would make it in time for my pre-event meeting, and KP would join me in Nashville later that evening (or so I thought). I spent the flight in a state of disbelief, just happy to be on my way. We arrived more quickly than I thought we would, and I wandered towards the baggage carousels, in awe of the live performers and country music present throughout the building. In the baggage claim area, there were hundreds of unclaimed suitcases hanging out by the United baggage office, from people trying to make their way here. I counted myself lucky that I had made it. I waited for the bags from my flight, and to my delight, both my suitcase and KP’s were present. I snagged them both and went to find the shuttle to my hotel, the Gaylord Opryland Resort.


This hotel is just insane. I don’t even know how to explain it, so I’m not going to! Check out KP’s blog post on it here! Long story short, I found my way to the room and crashed for a little while, still exhausted from the sleepless night. I didn’t have long before it was time to get ready for my meeting, so I tried to look as though I hadn’t slept on an airport floor the night before.

While at this conference, I am working a couple of the showcasing events. It is an opportunity to see the back end of the special events as well as get a full education package at a discounted rate. This was why I had a meeting the day before the conference starts – it was an orientation session for all of the “Hands on Hundred”, their term for our group helping out with the events. Everyone at this meeting was horrified by my story of the night before, so I guess at least I got that out of the experience… a good story. I came out of the meeting excited about the week to come, and with a new friend from Boston! She and I exchanged phone numbers and made plans to meet up the next day.

After the meeting, I picked up some food and headed back to my room to relax. I found out just after eating that KP’s hopeful flight for that night had been cancelled! We FaceTimed for a bit while she waited in the awful United Customer Service line AGAIN. I resigned myself to hanging out alone in Nashville for the near future, while KP resigned herself to at least one more night in the Denver airport. I won’t go into too many details on her adventures, but you can catch up with her blog through the links I provided earlier if you want to know all about it.

Before long it was time for bed! After all, my first-ever big conference started bright and early the next morning. More to come on that soon, but I needed to set the scene! Get ready for some awesome event-related knowledge in the next few posts!!

Love KG


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