A Realization

I have been a little MIA lately as far as blogging is concerned because I have just been so darn busy! Last weekend I had the largest event I have coordinated since starting at the Alberta Diabetes Foundation – the Hummingbird Gala.

The Night to Remember Gala has been rebranded as the Hummingbird Gala this year because of the hummingbird’s identity as an inspiration to those looking for a cure for diabetes. The hummingbird displays all the signs of type 2 diabetes and yet continues to live.

Working on the Hummingbird Gala was a great experience because it was a chance to change things up. Many of the Alberta Diabetes Foundation’s events are similar year after year (which makes sense – why fix what isn’t broken?), but it was nice to contribute to something so new and exciting. And I have to say – it certainly was exciting.

Throughout my career I’ve coordinated a ton of meetings, golf tournaments, hockey games, and other sporting events, but a gala was new for me. Thankfully, between myself and my event coordination teammate, we pulled it off. Preliminary numbers for funds raised are higher than last year’s event, and a couple of our “risks” during the program really paid off.

I learned a lot throughout the process of planning this event, but the biggest learning I had from this event is this:

I am really good at this.

I don’t mean to be egotistical or anything like that, and I am very aware that I still have a lot to learn, but throughout this process I really reassured myself that the event industry is not only the industry I want to be in, but the one I should be in.

With this event over, I am even more inspired to push myself to progress my career and make sure I am constantly moving forward. The event industry can be a difficult one to get in to, just because there are so many different routes to follow. At what point can I convince people that I’m worth paying actual money to plan their event? I’ve struggled with this question for a long time, and it’s one that I still don’t have the answer to, but at the very least I am now sure that this is where I belong.

My fellow Event Coordinator, Michelle, and I after a hard day's work at the Hummingbird Gala.
My fellow Event Coordinator, Michelle, and I after a hard day’s work at the Hummingbird Gala.

Love KG


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