We Made Hostel Friends!

Despite the fact that the attempt to bond with our first set of roommates was an epic fail, KP and I did end up coming out of the weekend with some hostel friends. Also, with some new information: Apparently getting drunk off a combination of wine and tequila does not, in fact, lead to a hangover – I know, I was shocked too.

While sitting around in the common area, drinking wine and blogging last night, we had a set of girls sit down to eat dinner at the rather large table we had taken over. Before long, a pair of guys came to sit with them, mentioning that they wanted to sit with their roommates. KP and I were overtaken with jealousy as we saw the relationship we had tried so hard to create for ourselves earlier in our adventures flourishing right before our eyes. It was a beautiful thing.

We started to join in the conversation with the group as they were just too infectiously hilarious and awesome not to. Before long, we felt the need to tell them about our previous roommate fail, and ask if they felt that we had maybe come on too strong. “Are you kidding? We would have dropped everything to come and meet you!” was the immediate response from one of the guys, followed closely by “Please continue to do this wherever you stay in the future – seriously! It would probably work 99% of the time”. And thus, the ice was broken.

We continued to hang out downstairs, drinking the magical “delicately bubbled” wine I blogged about the other day and the tequila the boys had provided, all the while laughing and learning about each of our different home countries and cultures. The girls were from Switzerland, the boys from Australia, and of course, KP and I are from Canada. It was quite the group and we had many topics to compare between each of our countries. This was exactly the type of experience I was looking forward to having during my first time staying at a hostel.

The rest of the night was spent getting to know each other and dancing the night away at a bar that was playing Motown music. It was the perfect way to end off my time in San Francisco.

This morning, we left our new friends this note:


So, to Ivan, Kevin, Isabelle, and Marisa of room 311 – if you are reading this, thank you! You are all amazing people and KP & I are very glad you sat down at our table last night. Good luck in all your future adventures in San Francisco and elsewhere – let us know if you ever make your way to Alberta! We will definitely drop each of you a blog post (that’s right, no other form of communication is more appropriate) if we are ever in your area. Don’t expect any prior notice – it will only include our plans for the evening and a map of how to get there 🙂


Love KG

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