A Genius Business Idea

I came up with an absolutely genius business idea. I’m not sure if this is something that exists already somewhere, but if you have heard of anything similar, please let me know as I would be so curious about how all the details would work.

As many of you may know if you have been keeping up with my blog recently, I am currently on a trip to San Francisco. During my time here, I have been riding many different trains to many different places, but every train usually feels the same – quiet, and no fun whatsoever. Everyone who is sitting there is bored out of their minds and the majority are on their way to work or wherever and therefore don’t have any company or anyone to talk to. I know we have all experienced this, and I got to thinking – what if there was a way to make the ride more fun, especially for people who commute on a regular basis? The answer I came up with is this:


Genius, right? I’m not quite sure how it would work – perhaps individuals could sign up for an online profile and would input their commuting schedule (ie. what buses/trains they ride at what times) and people could be matched up that way. They set up where to meet and wear some sort of identifier, such as a name badge or a specific colour of scarf, perhaps? The possibilities are endless! The website could also list how many people are on the train before and the train after a participant’s route, so they could change things up as they saw fit.

I really think this idea could work for a few reasons:

1) Like I said earlier, everyone is bored on a train/bus/etc. At the very least this would mean having company on an otherwise boring ride.

2) This date has a solid ending, and both parties can choose to meet up again if they hit it off well. Sometimes dinner can be too long for a first date, especially if it is going badly.

3) In today’s busy world, this would be an easy way to meet new people, and even if you don’t find someone you want to date, you might find a new buddy to commute to work with – which is a win in itself.

What do you think? Does anything like this already exist somewhere in the world? I’d love to hear about it.

Love KG


3 thoughts on “A Genius Business Idea

  1. It has potential, but it also could be hazardous if “freaks” started faking intentions to find people they could prey upon. For all the genuine participants, there will be a few who cause trouble. And , exchanging commuting info could be like inviting a stalker to know where you are or how you get there. But, I can see regular commuters hooking up more with a specialty “site”. This might also just work if commuters connected on the sites that already exist. Maybe add a tab or “hash tag” for “I take the subway to work” without specifics. Then, the commuters who want to meet on a train, bus or whatever know the person MIGHT be on the same line as them.

    You might also suggest “speed dating” on a railway:P Organized dating pools set up on train rides. Or, Dating Cab instead of Cash Cab or Taxi Cab Confessionals.

    I think it would be cool if you met someone in passing and could “scan” their interests/profile somehow to know if they are single, religious, etc. But, I’d be worried–even with that–about thieves and radiation poisoning (so to speak). It would make learning about people easier. But, I think we all just give into our fears the more we adopt technology.

    Maybe you just start a Fbook for commuters. A Circle of Transporteers. Everyone who regularly uses public transportation shares their “blogs” there. A commuter message board. Leave the dating to private messaging. A private mailbox under your profile.

    1. kglass14

      Thanks for the comments! I definitely agree with a lot of that and did think of some of your issues, but wanted to put it out there without shooting too many holes in it as I believe it does have potential. Maybe there would be some kind of screening process? I don’t know – a lot of the details would obviously need to be refined as you have said already.

      1. Screening processes are nice ideas…but I fear they are riddled with privacy concerns. Technology is flawed because man is flawed. There may be avenues we simply do not sort out because we haven’t evolved that far. And, for every new road we pave, there are thieves and cut-throats who find a way to benefit from them.

        I think less is more. Like I said, a commuter meeting site with plenty of privacy yet freedom to contact. The email recipient should have the freedom to do the screening and avoid junk mail and predators. The site should minimally have a means of determining the genuine user from the “mass spammer”.

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