Is reverse stalking a thing??

Yesterday we moved to a hostel actually in San Francisco. KP will be blogging the day at some point – I hope! – and I will link to it here, but I just wanted to tell you all a quick story.

When we arrived at our hostel, our roommates hadn’t checked in yet. We were very excited to meet them, but to our dismay, it seemed that they weren’t going to arrive before we needed to leave to hit up Chinatown and head to the Beer Olympics. That’s right, I said it. Beer Olympics. I would tell you more, but unfortunately that is not part of this story – I promise you’ll get more of an overview at some point, though.

Anyhow, as we were getting ready to go, KP decided she was going to leave a note for our roommates, welcoming them and introducing ourselves, and inviting them out to join us at the Beer Olympics (because who can pass up that invitation, right?). As she sat down to write, she expressed that she wished she had a photo of us to leave behind so that they would know who to look for at the bar. I then came up with a genius idea – a blog post.

So, here is the note we left for our roommates:


And here is a link to the URL listed.

I’ll leave how it ends a mystery for now, but I have a couple questions for you. Would you go if you got this lovely message or did we come on a little too strong? And is reverse stalking a thing? These are the serious issues I want to deal with here at Yukon Girl in the World.

Bye for now!

Love KG

2 thoughts on “Is reverse stalking a thing??

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