Wharfing Around

Guys, a cool thing happened to me. Yesterday morning, I got a comment on my blog post from one of the people putting on the Macbeth play at Fort Point that I wrote about the other day. She invited me out to their dress rehearsal for last night! Sadly, I did email her, but didn’t get a response so decided not to just show up out of the blue – but man would that have been fun. I’m a little let down that I’m still not going to get to see the show while I’m here, but either way, this was my first almost-perk from the blogging world, which is a milestone in itself.

Anyhow, on to my day yesterday. I started out planning as though I might attend Macbeth, so I didn’t get started too early in an effort to save my energy for later in the day. Around noon, I walked to the San Carlos Caltrain station and hopped on a train into the city. Rich had recommended Burlingame as a cute little town to visit, and it just so happened that it was right along my route, so I stopped there for a couple hours. I wandered around the main street and through a few stores, then stopped for a snack and an italian soda at a bakery. I brought my purchases back to a park near the train station to enjoy them.


It was about time to catch my train and continue the journey into San Francisco, so I got on the next train out of Burlingame. I had decided to switch over to the BART again to hit the part of the city that I wanted to go to, and ended up accidentally riding the train one stop too far… to West Oakland. Oops! I swear my train skipped the Embarcadero station for some reason, and I still haven’t figured out how I was supposed to know that it would. Not too much harm was done as I just hopped off and got on the next train going in the opposite direction.

I eventually made my way to the water and did pretty well the same walk that KP and I had done the night before, though it was rather different during the day! I found some fish and chips for lunch at Alcatraz Landing Cafe, and worked on previous last blog post while I was there. I then made my way along the waterfront to Fisherman’s Wharf.


Along the way, I ran into many street performers and musicians, including this guy:


I stopped to watch about three songs from a musician performing on Pier 39, and I ended up buying his CD. His name is Matthew Stewart, and you should all definitely check him out. I only left after 3 songs because the fact that I was just standing there while other people were cycling in and out made me feel rather conspicuous. His style is right up my alley as far as his music is concerned, and he sounded amazingly good in person.

I continued my walk along the waterfront, and just enjoyed the sunshine and the atmosphere. I ended up at Hyde Street Pier, and wandered through Ghiradelli Square. I thought that the shops and restaurants in Ghirardelli Square were laid out in such a cute and fashionable way in the large building. What a neat venue for a mall!


This was the view of the water after I left Ghirardelli Square. It was an absolutely lovely evening.


By this time, it was getting a bit late, so I decided to make my way back to the train station to start the ride home. I grabbed a coffee from The Black Point Cafe for the walk, and started the hike.


I got home fairly late, but it was a nice day of relaxing and enjoying the sunshine. Today was a whole different story, but that one is still to come. Keep on reading!

Love KG

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