How to be Happy

What is happiness?  Everyone wants it.  You can’t buy it or sell it, though every business in the world tries to do so.  If it was for sale, it would be the most valuable commodity in the world.  Everyone thinks that money and assets can bring them happiness, but it seems that often those that have the most are the least content in their lives.

I think that people sometimes forget that they are happy.  In today’s world, where the emphasis is always on increasing money and fame and success, it is easy to lose track of all the good things. I almost think that the secret to being happy is reminding yourself about how lucky you are on a regular basis.  No matter how difficult life is, you have to be able to look at the important things – the people you love, the experiences you have had, the amazing things you’ve created – and you have to be able to actually see and believe that you are happy.

It is easy to always look at someone else and wish you were more like them or had the things they do.  The fact is that it is difficult for an individual to know about every side of anyone else’s life.  Maybe they are truly as lucky and idealistically happy as you think, but most likely they have their problems and issues just as you do.  Maybe the reason that you admire them is because they seem to be happy.  And maybe they only seem to be happy because they have embraced the happiness in their own life and experience and they remember to remind themselves how happy they are.

I know that I sometimes forget how happy I am.  But then there are times that I am completely and wondrously taken over by the amazingness of my own life.  It is these moments that we all need to treasure, and it is more of these moments that we need to learn to create for ourselves.