To Blog… Or Not to Blog?

As some of you may have noticed, my posts have somewhat lagged since my return to Canada.  I took some time to decide what to do with this blog, and I have decided that I like writing and blogs and blogging, so I will continue to post here.  I’m sure I won’t write as frequently and probably won’t have subject matter as interesting, but I will do my best to post often and to do it well.  A re-vamp was necessary of the theme of this blog, as I am no longer in the warm, sunny climate of Hawaii.  Though with the recent warm weather here in Edmonton, I can’t really complain too much… and hey, with global warming, it’s only a matter of time before it’s a perfect day every day here as well.

So I guess the response to the title of this post is definitely “to blog”.  The next few weeks of my life will be interesting.  I am volunteering for the World Junior Hockey Championships here in Edmonton, spending my first Christmas alone, and starting my very first real, adult job in January.  I’m sure this will all be full of trials and tribulations and interesting anecdotes, some of which I will be able to share here.

And so, loyal followers, I just wanted to let you know to check back, and hopefully I will still be writing interesting things that you will want to read.

Love KG


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