Aloha, Hawaii!

Saturday was spent in Kona with Stacy and the kids.  We hit up Costco and I was able to pick a few last-minute things up on Ali’i Drive.

I had my last guitar lesson in the evening, which was sad.  It’s tough when you find an instructor you like with a style you like, and you can’t continue.  Mine was awesome though – we’re going to keep in touch so that if I have questions or get stuck on anything or just need help, I have someone to ask.  Also, as he pointed out, I’m obviously going to return to Hawaii at some point (I hope!) so we can always pick things up again then.

I spent the evening doing laundry and just crossing things off my list of things to accomplish before I leave.  Leilani spent the evening drawing pictures for my brothers, which was really cute.  She is amazingly artistic – I am always surprised by the things she creates and the way she does it differently from how everyone else would.

Today (or I guess it was yesterday) was a really long day.  I woke up around 8AM and hung out around the house, packing and getting ready for the beach at the same time.  Leilani, La’a and I had a bit of a bunny photo shoot at one point, but the pictures are on Stacy’s camera so I don’t have them right now.  Sean was off today as well so we all had plans to spend the day at the beach.

Eventually we were all ready and I was all packed.  We hopped into the truck and went to Hapuna Beach.  As you may or may not recall, this was the beach I spent my very first beach day in Hawaii at, so it was a fitting place to end.  Despite the fact that the weather wasn’t perfect, we all had a great afternoon at the beach.  I’m pretty sure La’akea was the happiest kid in North America when he found a giant mud pit to play in and got himself covered in muddy sand from head to toe.

I’m a mermaid!
Leilani made a bunch of sand angels, which I thought was pretty cute. It’s just like you would make a snow angel… but in sand!

Sean grilled fish he had recently caught on a fire at the beach and made sandwiches for us for lunch.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this yet for the benefit of those of you that don’t already know, but Sean is a chef.  I’m definitely going to miss living with a chef.  We got the star treatment for sure.  I sometimes felt like I was eating at a restaurant with the food he would make.  Which isn’t surprising since he does work at a restaurant.  Obviously.  Sadly, it’ll be back to eating like a poor student again soon enough.  Even though I’m not a student any more, I’m still poor… so that makes this necessary.

The fish Sean caught last week, which we have been eating recently.

Eventually it was time to head back to the house.  I showered, packed the rest of my stuff up, ate my last chef-prepared dinner, said goodbye to the kids to Stacy, and hopped in the car with Sean to head to the airport.  And that brings me up to now.  It’s 3:50 in the morning for me right now, Hawaiian time.  I’m on the airplane, landing in Vancouver soon I think.  I was able to sleep for a bit as my flight isn’t too full.  I have a whole row of seats to myself.  I popped my headphones in, blew up my airplane pillow, and covered myself in the jacket Stacy gave me since she doesn’t use it in Hawaii, and was able to actually fall asleep.  I’m excited to be back in Canada for many reasons, but I’ll also miss many things about Hawaii.

Things I will miss about Hawaii:
– My cousins and the rest of my Hawaiian family
– My guitar instructor
– The beach
– The sun
– Going everywhere with a bathing suit
– Buying liquor at the grocery store
– The little reflectors on all the roads… they are amazing!  They make street lights absolutely unnecessary.
– The Hawaiian night sky
– Golf
– The accessibility of adventure
– My bunnies, especially the poor little renegade bunny.
– Unrestrictive footwear

Reasons I am excited to return to Canada:
– SNOW!  I don’t think it’s really sunk in that it’s Christmas yet, but I’m excited to feel festive.
– My dog.  I’ll get to see him for a few days in Kelowna.
– I can’t wait to quit living out of a suitcase.
– I am excited to return to my own guitar and start to practice on it.
– My friends, of course… as much as I was surrounded by many people in Hawaii, I rarely hung out with anyone around my age.
– Winter clothing.  I know this sounds silly, but I’m excited to get all bundled up against the elements.
– Hockey coverage!  I’m tired of endlessly watching NHL on the Fly, hoping that they choose to cut to the game I want to see at some point.

I’ve loved so many things about my time in Hawaii, and I’ve got a bunch of things I want to do when I return.  I really was able to do so much this trip, and got to see so much of the island, but I just feel like there is so much more out there.
– More hiking.  Maybe at the Volcano or in Waipio Valley?
– Night swimming with manta rays
– Swimming with dolphins in the wild
– Go sailing
– More paddling adventures
– More snorkelling

I am so happy that I was able to just take this time off and spend it with my Hawaiian family.  I only hope that it isn’t too long before I can go back.  It’s sad to think that the kids will probably have grown up so much by the time I get to see them again, but at least I got to know them a little bit now.

Love KG

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