A-Hiking We Will Go!

Stacy, La’a, and I hiked Pololu Valley on Thursday.  It was an absolutely perfect day to do this trip!  La’a got very excited about hiking in the morning and dressed up in all his safari gear.  It was adorable.  We started off by heading to Waimea where Stacy had a morning appointment.  La’a and I went to Starbucks to sit for a bit while we were waiting for her.  He practiced his alphabet while I wrote a few postcards.

After that, we drove the upper road from Waimea to Kohala, and made our way towards Pololu.  The valley was beautiful. I was very excited to be heading down the hill this time instead of just looking from the top.

We hiked down to the bottom – it only took 15 minutes or so, even with a 4-year-old in tow – and hung out down there for a while.

We then made the trek back up.  La’a did so well – I think Stacy only had to carry him for one stretch of a few minutes on the way up.  So a note to everyone else out there:  4-year-olds can totally hike Pololu.  And everyone they walk past is extremely impressed that they are doing it, especially when their backpack is full of rocks that they want to bring home.

Next, we had lunch in Hawi, did a little shopping, and again got the most heavenly coconut ice cream on Earth.  By that time, we had to head back to Waikoloa to pick Leilani up.  We spent the evening watching Mulan and relaxing.

Wednesday was a mellow day to get things done around the house, which definitely necessary at this point.

On Thursday Stacy and I went golfing at the Waikoloa Village course.  We had probably a perfect day for that as well – the gale force winds of Waikoloa weren’t in force and a nice cool breeze had replaced them.  We had a good morning on the golf course, even though Stacy hadn’t been out in ages.  We did manage to get lost near the end and played a couple holes twice.  We’re still not sure exactly what happened, but it was ridiculous.

That night, a couple came over to check out our bunnies.  We already had a home lined up for one of them, but were really hoping to find another home for the pair that had been together the whole time.  As it turned out, this couple wanted to take two of them!  They’re waiting to pick them up as a Christmas surprise, but we were quite happy to find a good place for them to go.  It looks like little renegade bunny will be heading to the other home Stacy had set up, as the other two already seem bonded.

My favourite thing in this blog post was definitely hiking Pololu.  It was a perfect day.

Love KG

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