“Let me know when you’re drowning…”

I have just a week left here in Hawaii, so Stacy and I have a ton of activities planned for the next little while.  It helps that she is off work as well!  I’m excited about all the cool activities I will get to cross off my “To-Do” list in the next bit, but I think it’s going to be hard to say goodbye to Hawaii.

The last couple days have been fairly mellow.  On Friday I drove Stacy to work and had her vehicle for the day.  I spent a bit of time shopping at Target in Kona, mostly just to buy a suitcase to haul all my Christmas presents back in.  As it was Black Friday, shopping was just a little bit intimidating after all the bad press that this crazy day gets – there were even police officers roaming the store!

On the way back to the Kohala Coast, I stopped at the Kaloko-Honokohau Park and snapped a few photos of all the surrounding lava rock.  I wish I had hiking gear with me… I would’ve loved to have wandered around there.

As it was, I soon hopped back into the vehicle and decided to head to Starbucks at the Queen’s Shops with my laptop to wait for Stacy to be done work.  I had a productive afternoon there, and ended up being able to meet Stacy a little bit early so that I could see the floor she manages at the hotel.  It took a bit longer than usual for her to get out of there as this was her last day of work before her vacation.

I spent pretty much the entire evening practicing my guitar.  I’ve come to the realization that I only have a week of instruction left, and I’m on my own after that.  I’m really hoping to be at a somewhat self-sufficient point by the time I leave here.  Leilani’s friend Lola and her mom Leah were over that evening.  They were actually the ones that connected me with my guitar instructor as Lola takes lessons from him as well.  She and I spent a bit of time talking about guitar and teaching each other.

On Saturday Stacy and I took the kids in to Kona early for gymnastics, but it turned out that class was cancelled.  We went shopping instead, hit up a park for the kids for a bit, and met Leah and Lola at a Thai place for lunch.  We had originally talked about heading to Makalawena Beach that afternoon, which you need to off-road into, but it turned out that it was far too windy and just not an ideal day to do that, so we have postponed that trip to next weekend.  Instead, we spent the day at the pier in Kona.

We relaxed on the beach, rented a paddle board from a charming beach boy, and got in the way of a wedding .  Well… we didn’t really get in the way, we were politely “asked” to move, as the organizer was not really able to tell us to leave a public beach.  We moved over a few feet to (hopefully) make our way out of the happy couple’s wedding album.

I got to play around with stand-up paddling for the first time.  I got a quick lesson from the guy running the rental shack, and away I went.  We all took turns on the board – I really enjoyed it.  Stacy was the only one, along with a couple of the kids, that flipped the board.  I didn’t go far out into the ocean.  I mostly stayed close, but every once in awhile would make my way around the corner and into the waves, then promptly get scared and turn back around to ride the waves in.

I hope we do get to make our way to Makalawena Beach next week, but this turned out to be a perfect way to spend the afternoon.

Love KG

2 thoughts on ““Let me know when you’re drowning…”

  1. Fun to read about Kona… when you mention target and starbucks, etc. I lived there from 1999-2001. Now I live in the North Cape of Norway. So, I’m doing the reverse of you 😉 Hope you’ve enjoyed your time there! Your pictures make me miss it, especially when the sun isn’t coming up for two months and the storms have set in 😉

    1. kglass14

      I hear Kona has changed a lot in recent years, but this is my first time on the Big Island so I wouldn’t know. I do know that this is an absolutely beautiful part of the world and I will most definitely be coming back!
      Norway is quite the jump… but I understand the appeal of the North better than most people, I think.

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