My irrational fears get the best of me

On Saturday I joined Stacy and the kids, just running a bunch of errands in Kona.  We hit up Kmart, Macy’s, Target, and Costco.  Pretty productive afternoon, if I do say so myself.  That evening we laid out some pupus (appetizers), pulled out a few drinks, and had some people over.  It was a nice evening, and the kids had a blast running around and playing.

On Sunday we had struck up a bit of a group to hit the beach together.  We went to 69 again.  Leilani immediately found a rope swing to play on and spent most of the afternoon there.  I went out to do some snorkeling with Sean and we saw a few squid!  He said that he has never seen squid in water that shallow, so that was kinda neat.  I spent the majority of the day reading and relaxing in the sunshine.

That evening, when we got home, Stacy and I looked outside at the bunny cage to find Smoky (Daddy Bunny) hanging out all alone outside the cage that his whole family was in, looking incredibly pathetic.  Some (but not all) literature Stacy had read in the past had said that he may harm the bunnies when they are little, so not to keep them together.  He just looked so sad and lonely, though, that we decided to do a test run of having him in the cage.  Not to mention, the babies are getting a little older now, so we figured it would probably be fine.  Stacy slowly walked over to him, and he didn’t make much of an effort to get away, so a few minutes later he was inside.  It wasn’t long before they were all hanging out together.  Smoky was cleaning one of the babies, and they were all cuddled together on the top level of the cage looking all happy and family-like.  Adorable.

The next day, I woke in the morning and did some work on my blog.  Sean took La’a and went to Waimea, so I was at the house alone.  Now, if you know me,  you probably know about my irrational fear of spiders.  I’ve done pretty well on this trip so far avoiding them, except for a couple cases, but nothing horrible.

I went into the kitchen to make some coffee, and as I was leaving, something caught my eye on the floor.  It was a huge spider, lurking underneath the counter.  I had never seen one that big before, and it looked kinda reddish.  I went back to my computer, sat down, and brainstormed ways to kill it.  It was huge, and a little bit reddish.  Could it be poisonous?  I looked around for something long to squish it with, but then got scared when thinking about the fact that if I missed, it could climb along whatever implement I came up with, and come right at me.  I thought more about ways to squish it that didn’t involve me being attached to the other end of the squishing object, but then thought about how quickly little spiders move and realized I had no desire to see how quickly a big spider could move.  I didn’t get close to it… I just looked at it from a distance and couldn’t bring myself to do anything else about it.

So, I went the obvious route and avoided dealing with it.  Hands shaking, I got dressed, packed all my stuff up, and hopped into Sitka to head to Kona.  When I was safely in the car, I texted Stacy:

“Was home alone and saw as huge spider in the house. Plotted ways to kill it.  Burst into tears and left to Kona instead.  how pathetic is that?”

I had a nice day in Kona.  I loitered for awhile at the Starbucks in Target, then went to Costco to pick up a couple Christmas surprises Stacy wanted to get for the kids.  I spent a couple hours wandering the Kona International Market, shopping for a few more gifts and souvenirs.  By the time I was ready to head back to Waikoloa, Stacy still wouldn’t be home from work and I was too scared to confront the horrible spider by myself, so I decided to stop at the Queen’s Shops at Waikoloa Beach and loiter at the Starbucks there.  I spent a couple hours catching up on emails and blog posts, and made it back home around 6:30.

“No sign of a terrifying spider?” I asked hesitantly as I walked in the door.  I wasn’t sure what response I wanted – that Stacy had seen it, or that she hadn’t.  Slowly I got comfortable being in the house again, despite my earlier episode.  Finally I walked into the kitchen, looked over, and the spider was still exactly where it was when I had left that morning!  I pointed it out to Stacy, and she picked it up and laughed at me.  Apparently my horrible spider was nothing but a toy spider ring.

In all fairness, it was in shadows under the counter, so it looked a vaguely reddish black.  And I never did get close enough to actually look at it or make it move.  And I’m in Hawaii… I have been expecting to see an absolutely terrifying spider at some point, so my mind jumped to conclusions.  But I still realize that I was being just a little ridiculous…

Stacy threatened to share this story with everyone she could possibly get in touch with, so I figured I may as well do so myself and laugh at how ridiculous I am when it comes to spiders.  I also think that in exchange, I get to share a small story about Stacy that I had previously left out of my posts… I’ll think about it and perhaps insert it in a later post.

Love KG


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