Yet Another Week in Paradise

On Tuesday morning I had yet another guitar lesson.  I really feel that I’m learning a lot… hopefully when I’m back in Edmonton I’ll be able to keep up all the practice I’ve been doing here.  I’m finally starting to learn an actual song… “Wonderwall” by Oasis – surprise surprise.  It’s really exciting to not be spending all my time playing “Mary had a Little Lamb” or “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.

That afternoon, I went down to the Queen’s Shops at Waikoloa Beach.  This is basically a gorgeous outdoor mall.  I wandered around a bit, but then decided it was so nice I should head to the beach instead.

The Queen’s Shops
The complex has this beautiful park and gazebo in the middle of it.

After the Shops, I decided to head to a beach Sean had suggested for that day which I had not yet visited.  It was a bit windy, and this one is the most sheltered beach in our area.  This beach is called Waialea or more commonly, Beach 69.  It got this name because the path down to it was located at telephone pole #69 on the old Puako Road.  Nowadays, it is actually located near pole #71.  This beach is yet another fabulous beach on this side of the island.  I laid on the beach, read my book, spent some time in the water snorkeling, and just soaked up the sun.  So enjoyable.


The next few days passed quickly.  Wednesday night, some of Stacy’s friends from Vancouver who are here to visit came over for dinner and brought their two young kids.  We ate the mahi mahi that Sean had caught on his last fishing trip.  On Thursday I made the trek into Kona to bring the kids to gymnastics yet again.

Friday was a marathon of a day.  Sean, myself, Leilani and La’a went to 69 again to meet up with the family visiting from Vancouver for an enjoyable morning at the beach.  The kids ran around like mad.  Leilani found some tiny sand turtles and La’a busied himself playing with some little sand crabs.  When Sean had to head to work  that afternoon, we all piled into the truck with him, and met up with Stacy’s friends again there.  Since they were staying at the hotel, they were able to host us all, and we all spent the afternoon at the pool.  We topped the night off with dinner at the restaurant on the beach around sunset, where Stacy came to grab us when she was finished work for the day.  It was a fabulous day, but despite the fact that it was positively full of relaxation and enjoyment, I was exhausted by the end of it.

Just another beautiful day at 69

The next morning, I decided to attempt to make my mom’s amazing Finnish pancakes.  Some of you may have been lucky enough to have had this in the past.  If you have, you know they are delicious.  My brothers would absolutely inhale these whenever she would make these for us. I had never made these before, but had watched my mom do so many a time.  It took a few tries, but by the end I was definitely making passable Finnish pancakes (or Lettu, as they are called in Finland).  La’a particularly enjoyed these a lot.   Stacy and the kids had to head in to Waimea, but I stayed behind at the house to finish off making my entire batch of pancakes and to clean up the kitchen a little bit.

That evening, we attended a luau at the Marriott Hotel in Waikoloa Beach.  Stacy’s friends also joined us with their children.  The kids were all incredibly excited for one thing only – the fire dancers.  It was definitely a long show before we got to those, but it was amazing.  I was very happy to have been able to see this display of Hawaiian culture.  Leilani, however, was a little less happy… she had wanted to see the pig when it was taken out of the ground, and came back saying she wouldn’t eat any of it.  Apparently she had thought she was going to see a live pig, and was sad when the pig was all cooked up.  We even had trouble getting her to eat chicken that evening.  Regardless, she still found the show itself enjoyable.

My favourite thing about these few days was discovering Beach 69.  This beach is perfect for me because it has lots of shade and great snorkeling.  I can see myself returning to this beach many times in the next few weeks.

Love KG


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