Be Vewy Vewy Quiet… I’m Hunting Wabbits!

The next day was not very exciting… except for the fact that Sean and I spent some time hunting rabbits.  We had decided that our best plan of action was to get Flower in the cage, and then capture the babies that same day and put them in there so she could care for them, and so we could protect them.  We had already decided that one little bunny had died as there seemed to only be two white ones and one grey one left, so we decided to do everything we can to help these guys out.  Flower and Smoky normally just run wild in the yard… or sometimes the neighbourhood.  They are often waiting outside the front door for us when we come home from a day away.  One morning, Stacy was leaving for work around 5:30 and she ran into them outside the house, hopping away down the driveway.  We’re still not entirely sure where they spend all their time, but they seem happy.  This means that Flower is never happy when she gets locked inside the cage, even though it is outside and nicely roomy.

That morning, I put Flower’s food in the cage.  Since she is nursing the babies, she is always starving.  She hopped right on in and I shut the door.  Whew… that was easy.  I had been prepared for kicking and scratching and biting to wrestle her in there.  Now for the babies. They were still hidden away under the porch, but tended to come out pretty regularly.  Sean and I waited until we saw them outside, and then crept out and tried to catch them in a net.  I am normally opposed to the use of the net, but it seems to be the most effective way to catch these little guys – they’re quick!

We had already had a few failed attempts to catch these guys, but this time proved to be a little more successful.  Sean chased the bunnies under a small part of the deck that we could lift up.  I lifted it, and he captured two of the bunnies in one swoop – one white one and the little grey one.  We put those guys in the cage, and then returned to try to find the other bunny.  This smart little guy escaped back under the porch and didn’t come out again for the remainder of the day.

We struggled for awhile about whether we should let them all back out again (including Flower) to try to save that last one, but in the end decided to be sure to put food and water out for him, and to keep the rest in the cage.  The next morning, I was relieved to see him out and hopping around – he had survived the night.  We started to form a plan to catch him as well… but that hasn’t quite worked out yet.

And, just because this post is all about bunnies, here is an update on our other bunnies, which have already gone to homes.  The one we gave to the lady at Petco is apparently very affectionate, but incredibly picky (he refuses to eat the bunny pellets she provides him!).  The two we gave to the gymnastics mom apparently are living with guinea pigs.  They had originally planned to have separate outdoor cages for the rabbits and the guinea pigs, but it turns out that they like each other, so they are now caged together, and the lady’s husband is at work to build a huge cage for them all!  The bunny we gave to the neighbours, Lily, is happy and has two little girls to pay her all sorts of attention.  All in all, we’re happy to hear that they are all doing so well.

Love KG


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