Pride and Prejudice, Purchases, Pars and Pets

Tuesday was spent primarily in reading Pride and Prejudice.  I have read this book several times already, and it is a great favourite of mine.  Over the past week, I’ve been on a bit of a Jane Austen kick -I’ve read every Jane Austen novel from start to finish.  Some I had read before, some I had not… but I thoroughly enjoyed each and every one.  Pride and Prejudice I had saved for very end, and I loved it just as much as I always have.

On Wednesday I went in to Kona to explore Ali’i Drive more thoroughly.  I shopped and snacked and just soaked up the atmosphere.  It was a little bit nuts down there as a cruise ship was moored in the bay, but I passed a pleasant day being extremely touristy.

The view from Ali’i Drive

On Friday morning I had my second guitar lesson.  My instructor was very happy with my progress so far… he says next lesson, after a little more practice, he will be able to have me playing parts of actual songs – exciting!  I’ve been practicing for about an hour a day, so I think I’ve been improving pretty quickly.

That afternoon, Rhinehart invited me to golf with him again, this time at the Hapuna Golf Course.  We got a sweet rate there because the course is affiliated with his hotel.  This course was not as nice as Mauna Kea but it was still a beautiful course.  I had a harder time on some holes because the fairways were a lot more narrow and there was more underbrush present than at the Mauna Kea course.  This time we made it through all 18 holes, and I made a personal best of 4 pars!  I don’t think I’ve ever gotten more than one in a single round, so this was quite the achievement for me.  I am most definitely not a great golfer, but I really do enjoy doing it, and I love to see improvement like that.

We ran into a bunch of wild goats all over the course

On Saturday, Stacy and I took the kids in to Kona for gymnastics and we spent the afternoon running lots of errands.  One of these very important errands was purchasing Stacy’s new iPad!  I am excited to play with it… and make plans as to how I am going to be able to purchase one of my own.  This may require some saving.  Or maybe I’ll just starve for awhile.

Bunny Update:  The baby bunnies are still living under the back porch.  They often come out and frolic in the yard in the mornings, and it seems that Flower is still caring for them, so we have been trying to decide if capturing them is the best option, or if we should just leave them be for a bit longer.  We do want them in the cage eventually so we can domesticate them to make good pets, but we don’t want to take them from their nest too early…

My favourite thing about these few days was probably golfing yet again… and my new personal best of 4 pars!

Love KG


6 thoughts on “Pride and Prejudice, Purchases, Pars and Pets

  1. grampa Glass

    Congrats on 4 pars!!!! Stay over longer, and you,ll be parring the course. Oilkings here this wkend, Red deer on fri,so will try to go. Luv ur blog Grampa

    1. kglass14

      I meant to remind you that the Oil Kings were in Kamloops this weekend! Hopefully you’ll be able to go… David Stephens (#15) is from Whitehorse, and their defensemen specifically are impressive.

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