A Big Surprise and Some Spooky Fun

Monday was Halloween!  The day itself was pretty mellow for me, but once Leilani was home from school both the kids got pretty hyped up.

That afternoon, as we were sitting at the table having a snack after school, I saw something in the yard out of the corner of my eye.  I didn’t take notice of it at first because I was so used to seeing little bunnies in the back yard, but when I did a double take, I realized that we now have new baby bunnies happily hopping around!  SURPRISE!  These guys have to be around 4 weeks old, and they  have just been hiding under the porch all this time.

Creeping on the new bunnies from the window…

These will most definitely be our last bunnies as Smoky (Daddy Bunny) has been fixed… apparently he was able to knock Flower up one more time before that happened.  So basically I am re-opening the bunny breeder chapter of my life.  We need to figure out how to best proceed with these little guys, but the rest of the night was definitely dedicated to getting all decked out in our Halloween gear to take the kids trick-or-treating.

Leilani was a puppy, La’a was a spider (which is ironic, due to my irrational fear of spiders… but he was definitely the cutest spider I’ve ever seen), Stacy was a hippie, I threw together a cat outfit, and we took to the streets.  Unfortunately Sean had to work so he missed out on the festivities.

Poor Leilani had a man in a werewolf costume jump out from behind a bush at one of the first houses we visited, so that put a damper on the evening for sure.  La’a had a great time running from house to house to get candy, all 8 legs flying.

It was really weird to be out at Halloween in summer clothing.  I am so accustomed to kids having to fit their costumes over snowsuits, but these guys were almost too warm!

My favourite thing about today was the discovery of our new bunnies… it is just too ridiculous, but they are adorable, and bunny breeding is certainly an adventure!

Love KG


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