Experiencing the Mauna Kea Hotel

Continuing on with my adventures… I hope to be caught up someday soon!

On Friday, I was lucky enough to get to play the Mauna Kea Golf Club, which is one of the most beautiful courses on the Big Island.  Sean’s brother, Rhinehart, works at the Mauna Kea Hotel, and was able to pull some strings to get us both on the course for free – a regular $250 value!

This course was absolutely amazing.  We didn’t get through all the holes before dark, but we did play up to the 12th!  My favourite hole out of the ones I saw was definitely #3.  This is their signature hole, and deservingly so.  I only lost a ball or two in the ocean on this one.

Apparently I missed a shot of the piece of ocean that you actually have to hit your ball over… This doesn’t do the third hole justice.
In front of the hotel, on the final hole we played.

The afternoon of golf was fabulous, and I’ve never been on a course of that caliber before as far as service and upkeep.  Absolutely phenomenal.  Rhinehart has said he’ll try to get me onto his hotel’s other affiliated course as well, so hopefully that pans out at some point.

Saturday was a day spent mostly just running errands in Waimea, and Sunday saw my return to the Mauna Kea Hotel.  This time, I actually went inside!  Rhinehart had set up a brunch at the restaurant for his mother’s birthday, and we were all invited along.  Stacy, Sean, the kids, and I met the other two at the hotel.  Brunch was absolutely delicious and far too fancy – I wish I had some pictures of the spread!

At the restaurant!

Now for a little hotel history – we all know how much I enjoy that particular type of history based on most of my blog posts during my California trip.  The Mauna Kea Beach Hotel is one of the oldest resort hotels on the Big Island.  It was commissioned to be built by Laurence S. Rockefeller himself and opened in 1965.  The hotel is named for the mountain Mauna Kea which is visible above the bay.  In 2006, this hotel was forced to close down for almost a two-year period after being damaged by the Hawaii earthquake.

After our meal, Sean and Reinhardt had to go to work, but Stacy, the kids, “Nana” and I spent the afternoon at the Mauna Kea Beach.  I had been to this beach before, but it was still just as amazingly beautiful and perfect.  Unfortunately, I was afflicted with my first migraine in Hawaii during this beach time, but I still found I was able to enjoy the afternoon, and a dip in the ocean was an amazingly soothing experience.

What a beautiful beach…

My favourite thing about these few days was having the opportunity to play such an amazing golf course!  Hopefully I’ll get to find my way to a few more beautiful courses before I leave…

Love KG


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