Adventures in Bunny-land

I was awakened at 5:10 AM on Thursday morning by Stacy. She was in a panick trying to get ready for work and had apparently just caught a cat outside in the bunny cage. The scream of one of the bunnies had alerted her as to what was going on, and she chased the cat out but didn’t have time to check on the bunnies.

I hopped out of bed immediately and went out to make sure no one was hurt. I picked up each bunny and just held and pet them for a bit (their little hearts were racing, even more so than usual!) and made sure I didn’t see any blood. Shockingly, they were all fine.

We covered the top of the cage so they would be more protected from the wild cats that roam the neighbourhood here, and on the way to work Stacy and I decided that we needed to find homes for these guys as soon as possible.

I was already set to drop a bunny off for a lady that works at Petco in Kona when I took the kids to gymnastics that afternoon, but I ended up bringing all three along in hopes that someone might be interested.

At the gymnastics gym, I brought the bunnies out in a carrier and was immediately surrounded by little girls. I took one of the bunnies out and had him on my lap for the duration of the session. Moms and little girls alike instantly fell in love with the little guy, and it wasn’t long before one mom offered to take the two available ones off of my hands. She called her husband, and he was incredibly excited about the idea – he immediately began building the cage and called her before gymnastics was over to let her know he was ready for them. She found a box, and took two of our bunnies away.

Leilani, La’akea and I then went to Petco to drop off our final bunny. Leilani held the bunny tight, but when she saw how nice the lady was who we were leaving him with, she was a little happier.

We returned home bunny-less, and it was a little sad. We still do have Flower and Smoky, but it is just not the same as the baby bunnies…

But anyways, thus closes the bunny breeder chapter of my life.

Love KG


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