Up, up… and away!

Sunday morning Stacy and I got up early to head in to Kona.  We had a booking for parasailing along with a few of Stacy’s friends.

Once we had arrived and gone through the somewhat ridiculous check-in process at UFO Parasail, we went down to the water to find our boat.  We were quickly waved down by a couple guys on a boat that had tunes pumping.  We all hopped on board, and found we would be joined by one single rider.  As soon as we were all settled in, we made our way out onto the ocean.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day in Kona.  There was little wind, and the water was calm.  As we rode out to where we would begin our parasailing adventure, I was having so much fun that I thought I would easily be happy just to cruise around on that boat all day.  I have to say, the guys on the boat have an awesome job!

Once we had gone far enough, the man that had joined us on the boat was called up.  They strapped him to the parachute, and we watched him just float away up into the air.  That was when I got a little bit nervous about what we were about to do.  Stacy and I were to go together, and we had, of course, decided to do the “Out of this World” ride with a rope length of 1200 ft.

I didn’t get nervous until the first parasailer had been drawn in and Stacy and I were asked to head up next.  We made our way up to the platform on the back of the boat, and were strapped to the parachute.  The guide told us to sit down as the boat began to move, and we started to slowly float away.

Take-off… a little nervous

Once we were actually up in the air, the ride was quite relaxing.  I’m not sure if I would have found it quite so mellow if it hadn’t been such a calm day, but as it was, except for the small worry that we both felt we could slip out of our harnesses backwards easily, it was a very relaxing ride.  We could see so much, and being over the water, it was almost a little deceiving as to how high up we actually were.  At the end of our ride, we were slowly pulled back in to the boat, and as we fell, we got dipped into the water!  Lucky us, we had wet shorts on for the rest of our time in Kona.

After our nice little dip in the ocean.
Coming in!

During the most of the rest of the ride, our boat was surrounded by dolphins.  It was amazing to see them just swimming and frolicking and playing around the boat.

After we had all had our turn up in the air and were  back on-shore, we all dipped our feet into the water for a bit, then went to a restaurant on Ali’i Drive called Fish Hoppers for a few drinks and snacks.  Once we were done there, we made our way back to Waikoloa to relax for the remainder of the day.

My favourite thing about today was probably just riding around on the boat.  As awesome as parasailing was, the boat was just a bit more fun, and the pumping music definitely added to the atmosphere.

Love KG


One thought on “Up, up… and away!

  1. kpadget

    Dude, that sounds like such a cool experience!!! I’m jealous of all of your outdoory adventures…lots of idea for things I’d like to try in the future! Miss you and am glad you didn’t fall out!

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