Goodbye, Bunny

The next few days passed by quickly – I read a few books, took the kids in to gymnastics in Kona, and attempted to get up-to-date on my blog (more difficult than it sounds!).

On Friday night, a few of the women in the neighbourhood came over for a Scrabble game.  Again… not just Scrabble, but Super Scrabble.  We had pizza, drank wine, played Scrabble, and made plans to hit up the beach the next day.

Saturday dawned beautifully, and the day began with a very exciting event – one of the ladies that was over the night before brought her two girls and her husband over to pick out one of our baby bunnies to adopt!  After analyzing the four we still had left, they picked out the one most likely to be a female (it’s still difficult to tell at this time), and took her home.  Leilani had a bit of a meltdown afterwards because the bunny they took was her favourite one.  Stacy and I pointed out that it was good that her friends took her, because we could all go and see her whenever we wanted.  That made Lei feel a little better.  Upon chatting with the girls later, we found out that they had named their little bunny Lily.

The kids, Stacy and I (Sean had to work) eventually made our way out of the house to (hopefully) head to Mauna Kea Beach.  When we got to the gates, the beach was full.  After some waiting, some convincing of the gatekeeper, and reshuffling out party’s two vehicles down to one, we did eventually get in.  This beach was just down the way from Hapuna Beach, which I was at the other week.  Both of these beaches are the types of beach that you can’t believe actually exist.  Absolutely beautiful.

We had a beautiful afternoon.  It was so hot I could barely stay out of the water, and the kids ran around for hours playing in the sand and the water.  We stayed and watched the gorgeous sunset.

Stacy and I were both exhausted by the time we got back to the house, so the evening was spent relaxing and getting ready for our adventure the next day…

My favourite thing about today was most definitely the sunset.

Love KG


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