A Few Good Days

After rectifying a few technical difficulties with my blog, I’m up and running again… And I believe I have a lot of catching up to do.

I believe I left off with last Wednesday, my first day spent at the beach, so I’ll pick up from there. Thursday was a pretty mellow day. I hung out at the house for the first half of the day, then Stacy and I took the kids into Kona for gymnastics. They do this twice a week, and the club they go to seems to have a very nice feel, though it is interesting to me (having a physical education degree, and always learning about the focus on participation and fun in relation to physical activity for kids) to see the differences the American influences have on sport at this young age. Either way, the kids both seem to enjoy doing gymnastics, and it is definitely a great activity to develop physical literacy (yes, that’s the Phys Ed kid coming out in me).

When we got back from gymnastics, it was time to attend a “Gold Party” at Stacy’s friend’s house. The kids were excited, as they knew there would be a gaggle of kids to run around with while Stacy and I socialized with the adults.

This concept of a “Gold Party” is apparently “all the rage” here in Hawaii. Basically, someone throws this party and brings in gold buyers to assess jewelery value, and they pay money for gold items. Guests bring in all their old unwanted gold jewelry that they are willing to part with, are paid for it, and the host/hostess takes a cut of the funds raised. Unfortunately, Stacy had already recently attended one of these so she had no items to part with. I definitely didn’t bring anything like that along, so we both went and just enjoyed the food and the company. I think it is interesting that these parties apparently happen here often, but I have never heard of one before. Do these exist in Canada as well?

Basically, we ended up staying late playing cards, and laughing the entire time. Speaking of cards, fun fact for my loyal readers: did you know that any form of gambling is illegal in Hawaii? I think that is so interesting.

Friday was a trip in to Waimea for the kids to go to the doctor. As we pulled up to the hospital in Waimea, Stacy was telling me about how great a hospital it is, and told La’a this was where he was born. La’a immediately wailed “and this is where I always cry!”. Apparently he is not a fan of hospitals…

Waimea is really pretty and has all the amenities, unlike the village of Waikoloa. After visiting the doctor, we got some lunch, then went to let the kids run around at the park. This park was definitely the coolest park I’ve ever seen. It was made of wood, and was huge! It had all sorts of towers and turrets and fun things – I know I would have loved to play there when I was young.

When we got home, we sadly noticed that one of our baby bunnies was injured (the one in the pictures from my last post, in fact). His left rear leg was torn apart, almost down to the bone. We haven’t been able to figure out exactly how it happened even to this day. We brought him inside and tried to wrap the leg to protect it, and set him up in a small indoor cage so we could watch him. I fed him water with my finger for like 20 mins straight as he couldn’t reach into the bowl. We called around to a few vet clinics, but had no luck finding one that could see him (one even said that they don’t see rabbits at all!). So we did what we could and made him comfortable, with plans of taking him in on Monday if we could.

Stacy and I spent the evening in a rousing game of Scrabble. Actually, not just Scrabble, but Super Scrabble. It has twice the letters and twice the board space and is pretty intense. We played two games and each lasted for hours – plus we were both a little giddy from our late night the day before. Long story short, it was a little ridiculous, but a lot of fun.

Saturday the kids had gymnastics again, so we were to head to Kona. Before we left, Stacy and I decided maybe we should take the bunny with us and try to find a vet that is open Saturdays. As we were discussing this, and trying to make some calls to find somewhere to bring him, Leilani looked into the cage and asked if he was dead. I took a look inside, and he was sprawled dramatically on his back, not moving or breathing. Stacy and I were devastated, far more so than the kids, though Leilani was a bit sad since this one was her favourite of the babies.

Regardless, we moved on and headed into Kona. After gymnastics we went shopping for Halloween costumes for the kids. We also went to my favourite – Target! – so that Stacy and I could browse. Leilani decided she wanted to be a puppy, which is adorable. La’a is being a spider, which is funny because of how much I hate spiders… but he is definitely going to make the cutest spider I’ve ever seen.

Our other big score of the day was finding The Lion King out on DVD! Stacy and I each bought a copy (it’s much cheaper here than in Canada, so I figured I’d invest) and we introduced the kids to this classic in the evening.

Anyways, I’ll continue the updating later today, so I can get all caught up soon 🙂 I’m having a great time, and really enjoying getting to know this place.

Love KG


2 thoughts on “A Few Good Days

  1. kpadget

    We need to find a Super Scrabble board for all of our upcoming games of Scrabble we have decided to play…with pop culture words allowed, of course!
    PS. Justine says she loves Target!

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