Santa Monica

Today we woke up somewhat early in Burbank so that we could make our way into the Fairmont Miramar in Santa Monica.  It didn’t take long for us to drive there, and we pulled up to an absolutely gorgeous hotel.

The hotel gates at the Fairmont Miramar

The Miramar did all the little things right to make us feel incredibly welcome.  This hotel is one I definitely want to return to sometime.  The hotel itself is beautiful, the grounds are beautiful, there is so much to do in the areas surrounding it, and the hotel staff are fantastic.

After checking in, Stacy and Nicola took the girls down to the pool, and Mom and I went to walk on the famous Third Street Promenade.  We did some shopping and exploring and just soaked in the amazing atmosphere.  We walked back to the hotel along the beach, and made it back to the hotel in time for Mom’s spa appointment.  I ended up swimming in the pool with the girls for a little while, partially to cool down and partially because I wanted to spend some time with them.

Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade

After I had enjoyed the pool for an hour or so, I took to the streets of Santa Monica on my own.  I just started walking along the beach… and ended up at the Santa Monica Pier.  It was hot and sunny, and I just loved the atmosphere.  I browsed some shops, picked up a few souvenirs, took some pictures, and even rode the ferris wheel by myself.  After I got off the ferris wheel, a group of teenagers a little ways away was yelling loudly about how they got a photo with someone… I was pretty curious to know who they were so excited about seeing, but that mystery was never solved for me.

The view from the Santa Monica Pier.
The Pier itself.
My awesome self-photoing abilities, at the top of the ferris wheel.

I made it back to the hotel in time to change before dinner, relaxed and happy after my almost-zen time at the pier.  We spent the evening walking (or in the case of Olivia, cartwheeling) along the promenade and stopping whenever we saw something we wanted to look at.  The promenade had a very cool feel in the evening – a bunch of street performers came out to perform live music, and the lights came on.  It was beautiful.  We finally settled on an Italian place for dinner, after just enjoying the atmosphere outside for awhile.  By the time we were done, it was late.  I took the girls up and put them to bed, and promptly started winding down myself after such a busy day.

My favourite thing about today was the Santa Monica Pier!  I had the best time, even by myself, and the area was absolutely beautiful.

Love KG


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