It just couldn’t be that easy, could it?

Alright… so it has come to my attention that I am quite behind in my posts.  I really want to write all of them and have already started writing most of them, so I will just continue to write as though this is all current, haha.

Today was a travel day between San Francisco and LA.  My mom, myself, Stacy, my cousin Leilani, Nicola, and her daughter Olivia piled into a mini-van, and we hit the road with an agenda including lunch at a little place in Carmel-by-the-Sea, a stop at a winery, a beautiful detour on Carmel’s 17 Mile Drive, as well as arrival in LA early enough for dinner and a little bit of evening exploring.

This, of course, was too good to be true.  What road trip would be complete without some vehicle trouble?  Not much more than an hour outside of San Francisco, our left rear tire started losing pressure – and fast.  We took the nearest exit and ended up stranded on a side road just below the freeway.  Upon further inspection, there was a nail sunk deep in the tire, and you could just hear the air hissing out.  We hung out for awhile, knocked on a few house doors to use the washroom, and eventually we did get some help sent from the car rental company, though not without some frustrations on our side.   By the time the tire had been changed, and we had stopped at the San Jose airport to switch for another extremely stylish minivan, our itinerary for the day was impossible.

We did stop in Carmel-by-the-Sea for lunch, and I think I have found a place I need to live at some point in my life.  This town is on the ocean by a gorgeous white-sand beach.  The town itself is like something out of a fairy tale.  Houses do not have numbers or addresses, they are known merely by name, such as ‘the Doll House” or “Hansel”, as listed in my copy of “Carmel’s Fairytale Cottages”.

We had lunch in Carmel-by-the-Sea at a small restaurant called La Bicyclette, and then explored some of the small and adorable shops in the area.  Olivia led the way into a small jewelry shop because she saw a dog she wanted to pet inside.  She and Leilani asked permission from the owner, of course, and then went right to it.  The shop owner later pulled my mom aside and gave her two wands for the little girls.  These are made of metal, and make a wandlike sound when knocked against anything (as, I guess, anything metal would).  I thought this was the most adorable idea for a toy, which I would’ve loved as a little girl… but after a few hours of those in the car, I think the magic had worn off for many of us.

We also stopped at the beach to enjoy the view and walk around.  The girls were able to run and play and do cartwheels (which is one of Olivia’s favourite pastimes), so this was a lot of fun for everyone.  Once we had finished there, we drove along the water to view some of the adorable cottages that this gorgeous little town is known for.  I could not believe that such a place could exist!  I have definitely decided that I need to vacation here at least once in my lifetime.

Once we were done in Carmel-by-the-Sea, we pretty much had to power through the drive to LA, and we were unable to do any of the other stops we had hoped to be able to make.  That night, we were to stay at Stacy’s producer-friend’s house in Burbank, but the idea had originally been to get there early.  As it was, we rolled in very late.  Stacy’s friend was not there, so we had been given directions to a key hidden outside, and we were told that there would be someone living in the house as well.

Upon arrival, Stacy and I went around back to find the key.  We entered a small patio area behind the house and started to skulk around in the dark looking for the key location.  It was a couple of minutes before I noticed the pool in the corner – a few extra steps and I definitely would’ve fallen in.  After warning Stacy about the pool, I decided it would be best to go back to the van and grab my phone which has a handy dandy flashlight app.

When I returned, we spent a little more time looking before we did find the key.  During this entire debacle, I had several concerns running through my mind:

1) That the police would come.
2) That the neighbour would see us skulking in the backyard in the dark and would call the police.
3) That the guy who lives in this house would be alarmed when he noticed someone skulking out back.
4)  That the guy living in the house would be armed with any sort of weapon.

This guy did know that we were coming at some point, so I guess my concerns may have been a little excessive.  We weren’t entirely sure that he knew we were coming that evening, which is where this all stems from.  Luckily for us, we found the key, entered the house, and then walked around shining my flashlight everywhere and loudly yelling “HELLLOO?” at regular intervals.  We did eventually hear an answering call, and then got a tour of the place.

Once we had all moved in and the girls were upstairs asleep in the adorable kid room, us adults stayed up even later with some wine, laughing about the days adventures.  It was a fantastic end to a very full day.

I have decided that for the duration of this blog, I’m going to try to post my favourite thing about each day.  This is partially inspired by Kristin and Justine and their “Things we learned today” section, and partially by my mom, who came up with the idea.

My favourite thing about today was EVERYTHING about Carmel-by-the-Sea.

Love y’all!



4 thoughts on “It just couldn’t be that easy, could it?

    1. kglass14

      Absolutely! Isn’t it adorable? I seriously can’t believe that place exists. I bought a book of the fairytale cottages at Carmel-by-the-Sea… perhaps we could look through it sometime and choose one to stay in? Haha.

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