Edmonton, Ke$ha, and the advantages of wearing rollerblades

I guess it’s been a couple days now, so it is most definitely about time for an update.  In case you were worried, I made it to Edmonton just fine.  The second day of the drive was long and not near as fun because I didn’t get to stop every two hours to play with my doggy.  My brother and Jovo had to go their separate way to head to Kelowna, so I made the trek to Edmonton solo.

I eventually did make it, and it was lovely to see my Slanty House again.  That is my house’s name… mostly because it is quite slanted.  It has been said that when you are inside, it feels like you are walking on a boat.  But we love it, we embrace all of the house’s flaws, and we make it feel like home.  It is definitely the people in that house that make it as awesome as it is! 

One of my roommates got home that evening with one of the hugest TVs I have ever seen.  And not just a massive screen… it’s one of those older models that is just way too excessively large.  So we now have a Slanty Theatre Room, which we all find quite hilarious.  Another of my roommates invited me to have sleepover parties with her while I am visiting this week – so fun!  And also nice to have somewhere to sleep (remember this remark for later…)

Wednesday was, I think, one of my favourite days in recent memory.  I slept in, lounged around on the couch for awhile and just caught up with everyone.  As I was lounging, my roommate Elyse came home – she had apparently been out rollerblading.  Now, I’m not sure if you noticed from that photo of everything I was trying to fit in my car, but there was definitely a pair of rollerblades included.  I ended up bringing them along, just on a whim, which worked out fantastically.  As a former figure skater, I have always been a huge fan of rollerblading, but I definitely hadn’t done it in awhile.  Elyse and I spent the afternoon rollerblading down Whyte Ave and getting curious glances along the way.  It was so hot that we stopped at Mac’s for ice cream and slushies and decided that we both felt like we were approximately 11 years old that afternoon.  We then stopped at the dollar store to get some fun accessories for the Ke$ha concert we were attending that night.  We have both decided that rollerblading needs to come back into style.  It is an effective mode of transportation, it’s a form of exercise, and most importantly, it is just so darn fun!  We will definitely be working on bringing it back…

When we returned to Slanty, a few people were hanging out on the front lawn, having a few drinks.  I definitely use the term “lawn” very loosely here as it is mostly made up of weeds, but the premise is the same.  Elyse and Jenn pulled out their hula hoops and practiced some sick tricks (they have ambitions to be elite hoop dancers… or whatever it is called).  At one point, as they were hula hooping in the front yard, a guy in a car stopped at the red light at the large intersection outside our house got out of his car, ran over, hula hooped for like 5 seconds, then ran back, got into his car, and drove away when the light changed.  The other cars around him were all honking and cheering (as were we).  We decided it was even more awesome when we realized that there was no one actually in the car with him!

After an appropriate amount of time lounging in the hot hot sun, we decided it was time to get ready for Ke$ha.  Now, attending this concert for us was somewhat of a joke.  None of us are huge Ke$ha fans, but we knew we could get dressed up, go, and have a good time… and there was that small bonus of LMFAO opening the show!  We all got dressed up in our trashiest and most Ke$ha-ed out outfits, and posed for some photos in front of the house – I will have to get these pictures from my roommate and post them at a later date.  Once that was done, we rushed out of the house and hopped onto the LRT to head to Rexall Place.  On the train, we ran into several other groups of Ke$ha-ed out concert goers, mostly female.  We all screamed and started to admire each other’s outfits (what else would a bunch of women who don’t know each other but find they have something in common do?).  Before we knew it, we were hopping off the train at Rexall Place and heading into our seats. 

Basically, the show was a lot of fun.  LMFAO was awesome, Ke$ha was awful.  Well… maybe not awful, but… well yes, awful.  But that’s part of her charm.  And part of the fun. 

The only outfit picture I have.. I'll post some more later for sure. Being Ke$ha-ed up was super fun!

There were also a lot of young girls there… and a few young boys.  Ke$ha was incredibly inappropriate for that age group and it was a little disturbing.  I think we are all still a little uncomfortable about the show.  Either way, we had the option to check out Ke$ha’s afterparty at the Union, or LMFAO’s afterparty at OCR.  Which do you think we chose to hit up???

Yesterday was another gorgeous day in Edmonton.  I spent some time rollerblading in the afternoon, and just kind of chilled out most of the day.  I did purchase a ticket to see USS & Dragonette on the U of A campus.  I went with another friend, Laura.  We met at her house early in the night to catch up a bit and have a few drinks  – she had another girl over as well.  I rollerbladed there because it was much quicker, but we did have to walk to the venue due to the fact that apparently everyone does not own rollerblades.  Before we left, we realized we had not yet printed off our electronic tickets, so we proceeded to try every possible combination of computer and printer in Laura’s house to get them to work.  We had no luck whatsoever, so after trying all we could, we called a friend who was part of running the show and were luckily able to get in regardless.  Sometimes it pays to have connections…

The show was very cool – Dragonette was awesome.  Even better for me was all the people I was able to catch up with at this event.  Being in town for only a week or so, it is nice to have gatherings like this where I can see a bunch of people I want to see all at once.  I had a fabulous time there and it seemed like the evening went all too quickly, but it was soon time to head home.  I decided since I was feeling good and not too tired, I would walk all the way back to Laura’s place and rollerblade home so that my blades would be there in the morning.  That’s right, I just said it.  Blades.  Anyways, we got to Laura’s around 1:30, I laced up the blades, and rolled back to Slanty House.

Earlier in the night, I had texted everyone to ask if they could leave the door open for me, since I don’t have a key (I technically don’t live in the house right now and all the keys are taken up by other residents).  Everyone had said that was cool, I should be good to go.  I wasn’t planning on being out insanely late at any rate, so it shouldn’t be too bad.  Unfortunately, when I got home it turned out the door was locked.  I tried to call all the roommates I could but no one picked up.  At this point I wasn’t too worried… I just texted Laura and asked if I could stay at her place, to which she responded “The futon is all yours”.  I bladed right back over there.  Again, that’s right.  Bladed. 

During the journey, Laura texted me to ask that I just let her know when I’m there, not ring the bell so as to let her roommates sleep.  When I got there, which was only 7 minutes later, I texted her… to which I received no response.  So I called her, and she didn’t pick up.  After several calls I did get her to pick up but all I heard were noises that sounded like she was sleeping.  And maybe talking in her sleep.  Answering the phone in her sleep at any rate.  I tried her door… it was locked.  So I sat down on the front steps and proceeded to text everyone I had seen that night that could still be up, just looking for a couch to crash on. 

 By this time it was like 2:30 AM and I was starting to worry.  My phone was also starting to die.  So I stopped texting people and let my phone just sit there in the interest of preserving power as long as possible.  I thought about who I could call and try to wake up that probably wouldn’t be too mad.  I also started to consider places I could go sleep outside.  Or places that would be open all night that I could just go sit in.  I didn’t get any responses to my messages at this time. 

Finally I decided to just give Slanty one more try and call incessantly until someone actually did wake up, and if that didn’t work, I’d have to come up with some other options.  As I was buckling on my backpack, a group of guys walked by Laura’s house and one of them heard the “click” of the buckle.  He looked over and was like “Whoa… what is this place?  Is this a sorority?” immediately followed by “Wait… are you on rollerblades”.  I told him the place was not a sorority, but that I was, in fact, on rollerblades.  “Cool.  You should totally come hang out with us” was his next line, to which I responded “No… I think I’d rather go rollerblading instead” and I rolled away.

When I got back to Slanty, I decided to hedge my bets and just call Jenn and Ami.  The three of us have all been known to wake each other in the middle of the night because we forgot our keys, so I figured one of them would probably wake up eventually.  After a few calls, Jenn became the hero of the day and came down to let me in around 2:45 AM.  By this time I was exhausted and fell asleep the moment my head hit the pillow.  Just in case anyone is concerned about this happening again, I did get a call from a friend after I got home offering me her couch, and I did talk to a few people this morning that told me that if that ever happens again I am to call them or even come knock on their window to wake them up and get inside.

All in all, the last few days have been full of good times and random adventures… I can only hope there are more to come!

Love you all!

– KG


2 thoughts on “Edmonton, Ke$ha, and the advantages of wearing rollerblades

  1. kglass14

    I like blogging too! I’ve decided it’s fun… I’m looking forward to spending time blogging about my adventures in California and Hawaii 🙂 And I’ve been reading yours a lot lately too, Jocey… it’s very entertaining and very you!

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